Baccarat by Boss Media

It's a 6 deck Baccarat with 8 to 1 payout for tie bet and a player can bet on any hand in any combination.

The game, as the name suggests, is played as Mini Baccarat, there are six seats and before playing you are asked to choose your seat by clicking the join button. One more interesting feature that adds to "feel-like-at-real-casino" is cutting the deck. After joining the game dealer offers you to cut the deck.

As any other Boss Media game, the Mini Baccarat has built in chat where you can discuss the game with other players joining the game.

6 Deck Mini Baccarat by Boss Media - Real play at

6 Deck Mini Baccarat by Boss Media Baccarat by Boss Media played at with 6 Decks on mini table

Game Summary

Software Boss Media
Number of Decks: 6 Deck
Baccarat Rules: 5% Comission, 8 to 1 Tie bet, Player hits on 5 or less
Baccarat Interface: Peek, Cards Face Up, Cards Face Down, Bet on Any combination, Big Table
House edge:
Denomination: 1, 5, 25, 100, 500
Features: Multiplayer, High Limit, Built-in chat, Rebet button, Quick Deal Option

Baccarat Screenshots

  • Baccarat made by Boss Media with 6 Decks

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