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The first thing you should realize is that the Game of Baccarat is a game of chance. The rules in baccarat as in any casino game are adjusted so that it is just impossible to beat the odds.

As it has been calculated before, each of three possible bets in the game of baccarat has negative expectation for the player. For the American rules, described on this site:

This means that betting only on the player's hand, you will loose every $1.29 of $100 wagered. Of course, you can win in baccarat as in any other casino game, but not in the long run.

What is a system? Let's assume, we cannot change the rules of the game, and of course we are not cheating. In this case we can follow some predetermined rules for making decisions (betting), which can be based only on the following information:

  • the result in the previous hands or some number of previous hands
  • the bets we has made, if any, on those hands

And here comes the probability theory. Since the game has a negative expectation for the player, there can be no mathematically proved system that can help you to "beat the casino".

Mathematics won't help you in this situation since it is almost impossible to predict the next winning hand. Instead, mathematics being the foundation of any casino game, there is nothing that can be done to change the odds (of course, if you are following the rules).

And what about card counting? It does not work for baccarat. Dr. Edward O. Thorp in his book "The mathematics of gambling" described his researches in this field.

Buy baccarat system!

Thousands of sites offer you system that works, you don't need any experience or even a high bankroll to be a consistent winner - anyone can do it.

But can it really be true? Let's take apart all the mathematics and rely solely on our common sense.

1. There are thousand of people who offer the systems for sell. So, the winning baccarat system is not a secret at all, anyone who can spend 30-$50 can get it. Since anyone can have it, anyone can beat the casino. But casinos are still around...

2. I am a genius mathematician and I have invented the reliable baccarat system. Do you think I will sell my secrets, risking the chance that the casino might catch on and alter the rules?

3. And now is your turn. Send us your ideas about why your should not buy baccarat systems and we'll publish them here.

Selling baccarat systems is just another way to make money. Offer high returns, and people will be blinded by the prosperous possibilities and fail to see the truth.

Instead of looking for a good baccarat system, try to find a good strategy!

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