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Posted by 9 Snakes on 26th of May 2004

Having being a Professional Croupier for a Leading Casino, I see many people try there luck at Baccarat. Having dealt the game first hand for over 1000's of shoes, let me tell you that 99% of them have tried to have systems, followed patterns and listen to everybody on there tables without a high success rate, over a long term.

Let my say the 1% that do have more success than the others have a Baccarat Strategy, in their mind before they even play. Now we must not mix up what a system is and a strategy is, that is very important.

Casinos love to here someone has a system, they welcome them with open arms, as to say another sucker.

I would like to hear back if you could provide me with any new "NEWS" with Baccarat, as I'm very interested.

You can also share with us your ideas about baccarat systems and strategies and we'll publish them here.

All Interesting facts about Baccarat game, history, variations of the game are welcomed.

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