How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the easiest casino games. Once you know the basic rules, you can easily play the baccarat game using the right approach. The game is based on a simple objective, the players place a bet on either the banker hand or the player hand. The hand that has a higher value or a value closer to 9, wins. Though baccarat is known to be a game of luck, by following a few simple strategies you can make sure you have great winnings.

How to Win at Online Baccarat - Know the Rules Well

It is important for you to be aware of all the rules to understand how the game will unfold. To win baccarat you must know the odds of all the bets and hence make your betting decision wisely. Many online baccarat sites offer complex varieties of baccarat but it is better to stick to the basic ones first before trying the other variations.

Getting a Sign up Bonus

Most of the online casinos offer their players a sign up bonus. Make sure you always check the terms of the bonuses offered by the casinos to be sure that you can withdraw it. Many a times, the wagering rules exclude some of your bets from the total wager and you may not be able to collect your welcome bonuses along with your winnings.

We also have a collection of casino bonuses that you can use to play Baccarat.

Number of Decks

A small shoe baccarat game that uses just 6 decks must be preferred over the standard 8 decks. You must choose as few decks as possible enhance your chances of winning. Online casinos that offer a small shoe game usually require a much smaller commission. On winning banker bets, you need to pay just a 4% commission.

Good Money Management in Baccarat game

You must always start with betting small amounts so that you can continue playing for a longer time and also do not incur much loss. You may gradually increase the amounts after having a few wins. Make sure you work out a plan and stick to the financial decision despite being in the middle of the excitement and thrill of the game. You must know how much exactly you can afford to lose and setup the bankroll accordingly.

Avoid Betting on Tie

The tie bet has a high house edge of up to 14% and is a very risky bet. It is won only once out of every ten bets. Though it offers a payout of 8 to 1, if you lose you will ultimately lose your entire bankroll if you are not lucky.

Bet on the Banker

The 5% commission that has to be paid on winning usually makes a lot of people avoid betting on the banker. But betting on the banker rarely disappoints and is known to be the best bet. The banker winning hand has the lowest house edge.

Quit when you are Winning

Like all other casino games, there are high chances of losing your money in the long term with baccarat. Baccarat can give you great short term earnings and therefore it is advised that you have a certain goal and a plan for your game. Set limits for wins as well as for losses and quit when you have reached that limit. Quitting when you are ahead is a good idea to avoid losses.