Odds On Gaming Baccarat

Odds on used to be one of the most prominent developers, providing software for casinos like English Harbour, Caribbean Gold and Millionaire Casino.

In 2006 the group of named above casinos ceased their operations. The software was renamed to Vegas Technology, and later to WGS Technology. Find more infornmation about game of baccarat by WGS.

Odds On  Baccarat

Screenshot from Millionaire Casino

At Online Casinos powered by OddsOn Gaming the game is played at Mini Baccarat table.

  • Standard commission of 5 % (winnings on Banker bet)
  • Tie bet pays 8:1
  • Min bets ($5) - max bets ($500) at Millionare Casino
  • The decks are shuffled after each round
  • 8 Decks, cards are dealt face up.
  • Very fast speed of the game, History of bets.

OddsOn casinos offering baccarat:

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2022 gambling-baccarat.com