Wagerlogic Baccarat

WagerLogic is the wholly owned subsidiary of CryptoLogic. In 1996, the software was licensed to the first Internet casino and now its licensees represent the one of the biggest portion of the online-gaming industry.

You can find more information about Wagerlogic software, they banking methods and games offered.

Wagerlogic baccarat

Baccarat at Intercasino.com

The new versions of software (4.0 and 5.0) have multi-player capabilities. Players can select the appearance of their player and customize their avatar, with their character on display to others throughout the casino.

After downloading the software you can play for free off-line. The dealer comments the play of the game - a good start for beginners.

Wagerlogic baccarat has the highest betting limits online. For example, playing at InterCasino.com (Wagerlogic v4.0) you can select several betting limits:

  • $2 - $50
  • $5 - $100
  • $...- $...
  • $200 - $3000

As for One on one casino it is $15-$10000! Betting limits for Multi-Player are usually lower ($5-$300).

The Sands of the Caribbean (one of the oldest casinos on the net) offers three versions of software with different betting limits:

  • v3.02 - Download, Single Player ($5 - $300)
  • v4.0 - Download, Single Player ($5-$5000); Multi-Player ($5-$300)
  • v5.0 - Download ($5-$300); Multi-Player ($5-$300)
  • Java - Play from Browser ($5-$100).

Other features:

  • 8 decks of cards.
  • Standard commission of 5 % (winnings on Banker bet)
  • Payoff for Tie bet is 8:1 (don't bet on Tie!)
  • The cards are shuffled after each hand.
  • Download or play from browser (Java)

Wagerlogic casinos offering online baccarat: