WGS Technology Baccarat

WGS powered casinos offer only one game of baccarat, it's mini baccarat played with 8 decks. Graphics of the game are quite good, interface offers all the option a baccarat player needs - history of bets to watch the previous rounds, rebet button to speed up the game and option to adjust sounds.

WGS (also known as OddsOn and Vegas Techology) never made emphasis on table games, paying more attention to slot games, nevertheless, the game with 8 decks offer good chances to win with house edge of 1.06% if you bet on banker.

Minimum coin denomination of $5 makes the game look like a High Roller's table, the maximum bet of $1500 at Intertops Casino proves that the game is a destination for players with higher than an average bankroll.

Read more about the 8 deck baccarat at WGS Casinos, with video showing the typical round of game

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Baccarat made by WGS Technology with 8 Decks


  • Software: WGS Technology
  • Rules: 8 Deck, 8 to 1 Tie bet, Player hits on 5 or less
  • Interface: Bet on Any combination, Cards Face Up, Mini Table,
  • Platform:
Baccarat by WGS Technology